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Design Brief

Due to Santander running several projects across different agencies and designers, it became apparent that a level of consistency was required to promote a seamless experience within the secure site.

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Guide to Santander logo used on digital platforms

Design Strategy

This required a content audit was required across all digital products designed by internal and external designers. This allowed discrepancies to be identified and surfaced the best interactions. This was presented back to the client in the form of a collaborative workshop, which gave strong direction to the design guidelines.

Digital Design Guidelines

The key output was an extensive design guideline document. This document detailed every interaction and design element; foundations of the logo, colour and grid, individual components of navigation, input fields, and calls to actions. Resulting in a complete guideline document that will provide direction to internal and external design agencies.

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Colour balance within a page, and direction for how each palette should be used to achieve maximum impact

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Guide for using buttons and links. Direction for how each call-to-action should be used and why


While Santander have developed competitive rates across their products, the business allocated much of their success to the implementation of customer-centred design guidelines:

Since the first responsive digital guidelines were implemented in 2014, Santander have experienced a 13% uplift in conversions on desktop, and a 20% uplift on tablet. Digital acquisitions are now 50% of all Santander sales. While the online conversion rate has increased from 25% in 2010 to over 60% in 2015.

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