Conceptual service design targetting the shared housing market

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Design Brief

Create and develop a service proposition that would help Sainsbury's appeal to the shared housing market, exploring ways in which service touchpoints could help build brand loyalty. Live project while studying.

The Problem

Open discussions with target market revealed the core problem: High rental costs forces students and young professionals to live in shared households, often with complete strangers. Although there is a desire to shop online, the cost of delivery is a blocker to potential customers within this market sector.

Problems image

Each household demonstrates a diverse set of needs amongst users

The Solution

Shared Shopper, a digital service that allows members of shared households to split the cost of household items, whilst also segmenting the cost of personal items. Sainsbury's delivery service is now accessible for the student market.

Solution image

Customers can approve and split the cost of items within their shared trolley...

Solution image

...whilst managing their own items individually


To appeal to the intended market, the solution needed different levels of personality to appear to the different types of users by making the service more fun, while providing utility. Features included a food lottery based on purchased items, points for healthy eating, a Recipe Matcher based on selected items, and message alerts for flash sales at local branches.

Features image

Food Lottery and Recipe Matcher feature examples


Mobile and web service proposal that offered a simple solution to sharing the cost of household items, while allowing the freedom to spend more (or less) on personal items. The project was well received.

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