Service-led campaign to create a unique brand experience

PlayStation hero image

Design Brief

Create a Facebook application that demonstrates the benefits of PlayStation Move Fitness - an exercise-based game that championed the new 'move' controllers, aimed at young professionals - promoting 'sharing' and increased page 'likes'.

Flows image

Flow diagram of the steps taken through the application

Design Strategy

Exploring gym and fitness culture to identify with the target audience. People have individual goals and therefore our app needed to reflect this insight. Mapping the user journey helped identify unnecessary steps and allowed the process to be streamlined.

Sketches image

Storyboard to demonstrate the concept in the form of low fidelity scamps

Creative Direction

Alongside interaction design, I led the creative direction to ensure the final design kept true to the original concept. It was important to demonstrate the game and capture fitness culture, whilst providing the best experience possible for users.

Artwork image

App screenshots - artwork created by a visual designer, based on my storyboard and direction


Service-led campaign launched in 2011, rewarding users with a personalised exercise plan and demo video, demonstrating the benefits of ownership. Facebook API identified friends with unhealthy lifestyles, targeting them with a fun message that promoted sharing.

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