What is this?

CVs and portfolios are great at letting everyone know what you have done already - whereas I believe in continuous learning and side projects. Below is a collection of things that I am doing right now.

This was inspired by my very good friend Michael Le, who was in turn inspired by David Saver's original idea.

June 2016

I'm in the process of running an MTE (minimum testable experience) in which I am testing a product concept of my own using a clickable prototype and Google Forms, with around 25 participants.

My girlfriend makes hand-crafted handbags and I am helping her prepare for her very first trade show.

I've neglected making physical things for a while now - I'm aiming to have a play with one of my Arduino projects, and I'm eagerly awaiting my pre-order of the BBC MicroBit.

Picking out the final bugs in my website update.

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