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Design Brief

Foolproof is an experience design agency, specialising in product and service design. To coincide with their brand update, Foolproof recently updated their website to be fully responsive. After the launch of version 1.0, the business identified several areas within the site that needed improvement for version 2.0.

Heatmap image

Heatmaps was one method used to identify problem areas across the website

Insight-driven Journeys

Analytics revealed high bounce rates across the website, due to lack of crosslinking opportunities for users. The journeys were considered holistically to ensure clear flows for users to find the right information.


Proposed crosslinking to be implemented across the website for version 2.0

Social and Content Integration

The 'Thinking' section was overhauled to implement different forms of media, which included blogs, tweets, reports, video and instagram. The use of consistent patterns enabled quick differentiation between types.

Wireframe image

Wireframe example for the updated 'Thinking' page

Developer Guide

To improve the build process, a 'Developer Guide' was created to ensure the integrity of the design and additional features were not lost in development. I worked closely with the external development team, building a strong working relationship.

Developer guide excerpt

Excerpt from the 'Developer Guide' document used by build teams


Version 2.0 was well received within the agency and externally. An Econsultancy article ranked Foolproof with the best agency responsive site:

This site was the best I found. It has some really beautiful micro-UX touches. This was one of the sites that appeared to be designed mobile-first. Everything is nice and chunky on desktop to begin with. On mobile it's visible and clickable, too.

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