Andrew Millar FRSA

Designer of experiences and digital products

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Experience design

Branded experiences that are consistent across touchpoints

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Interaction design

Seamless touchpoints that understand people and their context

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Product ideas

Innovations that exceed user needs and achieve business goals

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Andrew excels in design thinking, understanding the 'why' and the big picture behind the product, meaning his work extends to service design. He balances this thoughtfulness with being great at the craft of design, making him a superb interaction designer.

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Jane Austin

Director of Design and UX, Moo

Andrew really gives a damn about the things he designs. It doesn't matter whether it's the latest TV interface or a pensions application form, if his name is on it, he will make sure it is brilliant. This is why I'll fight other account managers out of the way (literally) to have him resourced on projects for my clients - they can see as clearly as everyone else that he'd never do a half-arsed job. Also, the sheer amount of quality work he can get through in a matter of hours (whilst making time for dancing cats) actually kind of scares me.

Image of Sophie

Sophie Grencis

Account Director, CX Partners

Andy is a craftsman who wants to make a difference. Having had the pleasure of working with Andy over a few years, I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a diligent thinker, a maker, and someone who understands not just the product interface layer, but of overall service interactions being created.

Image of Lee

Lee Allen

Partner, Th_nk

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